Indian Captain Virat Kohli says he is very much aware of the consequences if at all the team fails to give its best performance in the ICC Champions Trophy. He analyzed that unlike other teams, India is under great pressure. He says a knife dangles against the team’s neck. Kohli was talking to the media before the team left to England for Champions Trophy.

“My only ambition is to win matches for India, I never mind whatever the condition is. I always plays to clinch victory” said Kohli.

He added that CT is more challenging than the World Cup itself; because in the World Cup one gets to play league matches whereas every match counts in the Champions Trophy.

“In every match there is a single narrow line that differentiate win and lose, it’s like the thin separation between life and death. If we are playing in the Indian subcontinent, then things become more tight and complicated. If we fails to perform the best then we will be criticized cruelly, that’s something like a sword dangling against our neck”, Kohli added.

Bangalore Royal Challengers, led by Kohli had a terrible run in this years IPL  and only managed to win three games, thus falling in the last position in the league. RCB’s poor performance made a lot of doubts on kohli’s form and as well as with his captaincy skills. Unlike in the last season of IPL were Kohli scored a record 963 runs from 14 matches, in this year India’s run machine finished the tournament with 308 runs from 10 matches.