Etihad witnessed a mindblowing match between Arsenal and Manchester City on Sunday. On a glimpse, it was actually predictable who the winners would be even before the final whistle. History repeated on Manchester home ground. Victory is always a decoration for the City players. Unfortunately the Arsenal players couldnt beat the Manchester players and were left for two goals. Infact, it seems like Arsenal is getting used to this. Meanwhile Manchester remains thrillingly unstoppable and showed just how lethal it can be in attack with 10 wins and a draw in its first eleven games.



Kevin De Bruyne who made it 1-0 in the first half with a lovely strike to the far post just within the first 20 minutes lead Manchester City way ahead of Arsenal. The first surprise strike lead Arsenal a bit down and they could only strike back after City’s one more goal against them. Aguero who was honored before the match for being City’s top scorer of all time, scored a penalty kick in the second half to make it 2-0. Arsenal striked back with Alexandre Lacazette.  But just Fifteen mintes before to go, City again scored when Gabriel Jesus took his opportunity. City celebrated their victory with 3 goals against the Gunners.