The former England captain Wayne Rooney marked the return of David Moyes with the first hat trick of his Everton career. Even though he missed a penalty in the 16th minute, but he was able to over come that miss with his hat trick. That was Rooney’s night, he and one of his best game in his football career.

Rooney has now scored 14 Premier League goals, more than any’ other player against West Ham United. He have scored more goals in his 12 Premier League appearance for Everton in this season than he did  for Manchester United last season in his 25 league appearances. He have scored seven goals in 14 appearance.

Rooney said “It was one of the best goals I’ve ever scored, I hit it as well as I’ve ever hit a football. To make it my first Everton hat-trick so special. It was a perfect moment.”

Rooney has now missed a total of nine penalties in the Premier League.

Rooney’s goals where on 18th, 28th and 66th minutes. His hat-trick goal was from 58 yards ‘out. Defender Ashley Williams scored the fourth late goal on 78th minute , powering a header beyond Hart from a corner. At present West Ham remain in 18th position of the Premier League Table.