Fifa handed the 2022 World Cup to Qatar in 2010. It will be the first World Cup ever to be held in the Middle East and the first not to be held in June or July, instead scheduled for late November until mid-December because of the high temperature.

According to reports Qatar may not host the 2022 World Cup due to increased political crisis from the neighboring Arab countries.

The report, which examined the risks surrounding the project, assesses the impact of the diplomatic crisis the country is currently having with neighboring nations. The report labels the cup is a “high-risk project.” The World Cup project will cost about $200 billion, where it is at its final stages and all arrangements are done.

“Western diplomats have privately stated they do not know whether or not the tournament will take place as planned,” the report reads.

If Qatar were forced to pull out of hosting it could open the door for Australia, who lost out the bid to the Gulf State in the 2022. Previously a cup was moved from a host nation was in 1986, when it was set to be played in Colombia but was moved to Mexico due mainly to economic issues.

Qatar, however, strongly denied the allegation and has rejected a list of conditions for the lifting of sanctions.