Rising Pune Spergiant’s all-rounder Ben Stokes said  that even though Steven Smith is the captain of their side, it is MS Dhoni  who  makes the fielding placement during the matches

On speaking to The Telegraph (India) at the ITC Maurya Luxury hotel, Ben Stokes told MS Dhoni is an extravaganza and the greatest connoisseur in the game of cricket. Stokes also said that sharing the dressing room with MS Dhoni and other senior players helped him to know how to react in a tight situation both on and off the field.

“Though Steven Smith is the skipper of RPS, he would still rely upon MS Dhoni to set field placements in nerve-racking situations. It is cognisance of the fact that Captain Cool has ample experience in astute leadership traits and further needs no introduction to it”

“On the field, MS epitomises calmness and, from a cricket point of view, has the best angle in terms of field placements,” the most expensive overseas player added in a statement.

“Obviously, Steve’s the captain, but he’s aware that MS has the best angle and, so, has worked with him in setting fields. Indeed, Steve and MS have worked really well together,” concluded Ben Stokes.