BCCI had announced new applications for the post of the Indian head coach as the one year tenure of Anil Kumble is about to expire.The relation between Kumble and BCCI had not been warm recently as he kept approaching the COA(Committee of Administrators) every now and then.
The latest news about the head coach is his dominating attitude in the dressing room and that the team members are quite uneasy with his behaviour.India Today reported that Kumble’s reluctance to enjoy the team’s confidence makes the players unhappy.Although India’s performance under Kumble’s coaching has been outstanding, one shall also keep in mind that most of the matches were played in the homeground.Now there is hardly any chance that Kumble will be given an extension, because of his strained relations with the BCCI as well the players.
As Champions Trophy is  another couple of days ahead, the prime concern of BCCI and COA will be to handle the situation well, so that the friction between the coach and the players do not affect the team’s performance on the field.India shall start their campaign against Pakistan on June 4 at Edgbaston, Birminghan.
We shall wait until the CT ends to see the BCCI’s decision and find out whom they will entrust with the post of the Indian head coach.